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About Us

Welcome to Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya (SNMV) College of Arts and Science

Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science(SNMV) was promoted in 1989, the silver jubilee year of CWA (Coimbatore Welfare Association). It is located in a serene campus of 50 acres at Malumachampatti, near the famous Eachanari temple on Coimbatore-Pollachi national highway.

The untiring efforts of CWA have enabled Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya (SNMV) to blossom into a centre of learning. Today, it offers a rich array of UG and PG programmes along with Research and Doctoral programmes complemented by fourteen Value Added Courses sponsored by the UGC. The present strength of the college is 3231 students and 145 teaching faculty members and 81 non-teaching staff members. The college is approved by AICTE and is affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

The aim of Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya is to promote student development through value-based education. The college strongly believes in enhancing the positive growth of youth in order to establish them as citizens who can make the world a better place. It also aspires to foster the development of the myriad cultures and traditions that India proudly nurtures. On the whole, the college intends to ensure that any student, who enters its portals, emerges holistically and socially capable.

Dr. B. Subramani

I am very delighted and enthusiastic to assume office as the Principal of Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College, a prestigious Institution of Higher Education in this region.

Education is a process which contributes to the socio-economic development of the Nation. The efforts taken by Coimbatore Welfare Association (CWA) to provide quality education to the Youth have contributed to this development.

Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya (SNMV) was established in the year 1989 and is affiliated to Bharathiar University and recognized by the UGC. Owing to the credentials of this college, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has assessed and re-accredited this college with “A” grade. It offers 23 Under Graduate courses and 8 Post Graduate programmes, along with Research and Doctoral Programmes. Since its inception, the college has been consistently attracting students from all parts of the country for its academic excellence.

Its policies are aimed at the overall development of students. In order to accomplish its Vision and Mission, the college has been taking as much effort as possible for the development of the student community. The Management recognizes the commendable performances of the plus two students by awarding Merit and Sports Scholarships.

In the present competitive scenario, colleges have faced with great challenges toward increasing the quality-of-service delivery, providing practical training, ensuring a viable campus environment for both faculty and students and implementing the outcome of research and development in society. As Principal of the college, I am dedicated to putting a management system in place, working towards enhancing the infrastructural facilities and providing a holistic and comprehensive education to the students which can enable them to be employable, through the real enlightenment of the self. The commitment and team work of the staff will enable the institution and all its members to achieve our goals.

I am encouraged when I meet bright and successful alumni who subsequently benefit society. I feel proud that I am part of such an excellent Institute which shoulders the concern of shaping the future of our country.

I appreciate the outstanding progress of Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya (SNMV) College over the years and hope for enhanced future accomplishments on its onward journey of excellence in education.

Best Regards to one and all.

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